You are an Integral Part of Our Team

We Take Land Stewardship Seriously

We care about what happens to your land during construction, operations and decommissioning. That means we minimize site disturbances, employ habitat and soil preservation techniques, and respect your unique concerns during the design process. It also means we seek equipment providers and construction contractors that are committed to excellence and your community. At the end of a project’s operational cycle, it’s our expectation that the land will be left undamaged and the site can resume its previous uses.

Quality over Quantity

We know your time and land is valuable, and we will not misuse it. We perform a lot of upfront analysis and diligence to determine where and when to begin project development. So, when we approach you about an opportunity to participate, we have determined your property is viable for hosting one of our projects.

Benefits of Participation

Let's Explore Your Options

There is no cost to you in terms of exploring the opportunity of hosting a renewable project on your land. Accelergen is committed to developing the right solution for you and your family. We offer long-term lease and purchase options. It’s your choice how to proceed. The option period provides Accelergen with the time necessary to obtain various project approvals (transmission interconnection, permits, etc). We are committed to keeping you abreast of the latest developments throughout the option period.  For more on how the development process works or if you are interested in discussing the idea of leasing or selling your land for a renewable project, please contact us. Thank you for your consideration.