Mitigating Impacts and Optimizing Benefits

Focus on Being a Good Neighbor

Accelergen is committed to having its projects be more than just clean energy facilities. We want our projects to be good neighbors that bring positive growth and economic benefit to local communities. This starts with local engagement to collect input on appropriate land use and how our projects can best exist in your community. This is facilitated by open and transparent conversations which lead to solutions to the unique challenges associated with each project.

Quality over Quantity

We know your time and resources are limited, and we will not misuse them. We undertake a lot of upfront work, analysis and diligence to determine where and when to begin project development. So, when we approach you about an opportunity to work together, we have already determined project viability. We look forward to demonstrating our level of quality to you.

Benefits of Renewables in Your Community

For more on how the development process works or if you have other questions, please contact us.