Accelerating the Integration of Clean Energy on
the Power Grid

Delivering Clean Power Assets with Robust and Sustainable Locational Value through Strategic Investment, Development, Commercialization and Optimized Operations

What we do

We Invest In, Develop, Commercialize, Build and Operate Utility Scale Clean Power Generation and Storage

Investment and Development
Accelergen invests in pre-construction development stage clean power generation and storage projects and portfolios. We structure our mode of investment to meet our development partners’ needs whether through a development partnership or a straight project or portfolio acquisition. Our team’s deep experience developing and commercializing clean power projects makes us a value-add partner and investor able to properly assess and value development risks and assist our partners to mitigate them and secure financing.
We assist our partners in commercially advancing projects, and when appropriate, lead origination and negotiation of key project contracts necessary for financing including posting deposits and security. Accelergen leadership has an industry-leading track record of originating, structuring, and closing financeable revenue contracts ranging from single party offtake to more complex multi-part structures and build-transfer agreements. We pursue the market at scale and bring our team’s decades of experience and relationships to secure the most cost-effective key project agreements from major suppliers and service providers including major equipment supply, EPC, and O&M. The Accelergen team is experienced in securing tax equity project financing and brings low-cost long-term sponsor capital to bear.
Accelergen will manage the construction and commissioning and intends to retain a minority ownership interest in most of its projects creating alignment with the long-term sponsor while providing asset and operational management services. We are recruiting experienced team members to build out our asset operations capability as we mature our development pipeline.
Investment and Development Approach

We've assembled the technology and experts to find the best locations

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Powerful Partners

Seeking a Powerful Partner

Accelergen is engaging strong potential financial partners who understand the renewable energy industry and share our vision to build an industry leading Renewable Independent Power Producer platform.


Experienced Industry Professionals with Proven Track Records




SVP and MD Origination


SVP Development

We are actively recruiting to expand the leadership team. If you are a passionate experienced industry professional motivated to join and build the Accelergen Energy platform, we want to hear from you.


Experienced Industry Professionals with Proven Track Records

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We are actively recruiting the senior leadership team. If you are an experienced industry professional excited to join a growing team, we want to hear from you.

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